Suffolk waste challenge

Posted on 6th November, 2009

Householders in Suffolk have been challenged to see if they can reduce their waste by half. As part of a government trial the ‘Seven Suffolk Streets’ project has been awarded a grant of £10,000 from the Defra to attempt the challenge.

One street in each of the seven district council authorities in Suffolk will be taking part in the trial.

Under the new ‘Zero Waste Standard’ proposals householders could end up with more than six bins – this is a sticking point that has caused some controversy.

Doretta Cocks of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection says:

“People are struggling as it is to cope with all these bins and crates…Zero waste is a wonderful idea but I cannot see anyway they could ever achieve it.”

The government has stressed that the new policy will not necessarily lead to a multitude of bins and that it will be up to each authority to enforce new regulations in their own way.

Peter Hunt, Chairman at WasteCare says:

“It’s about time the government started to take the waste issue seriously and I think this is an important step. Hopefully the many trials that are taking place across the country will help to iron out some of the initial concerns.”