The complete package

Posted on 28th March, 2013

WasteCare’s cylinder collection service, CylinderCare, has experienced great success since the company was acquired over 12 months ago, the expansion of this service has been exponential and this has only been achieved by continuing the full range of services provided by the WasteCare Group.

A mixture of:

Exceptional customer service showcased recently by Wayne Swoffer (a WasteCare service representative) who has taken it upon himself to improve the CylinderCare service by identifying orphans and other cylinder types suitable for collection and quoting onsite and removing all the items in one job saving the customer extra transport costs.

The robust infrastructure highlighted by a recent customer audit, Enterprise, a facility management company who manage a number of public sector sites throughout the country. With a number of high profile customers, Enterprise are required to carry out stringent audits of all suppliers confirming legal, environmental and health and safety compliance. CylinderCare passed with flying colours, excelling in all areas.

The hard work shown by Frank Todd and his colleagues who form the transport fleet for the CylinderCare service. Frank has collected 13821 cylinders single handedly over the 2012 period and this doesn’t even include orphan cylinders which cannot be repatriated and are instead recycled as part of the service.