Threshold increase for hazardous waste registration

Posted on 29th March, 2009

From the 1st April the Environment Agency are increasing the threshold for hazardous waste registration.

Since the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2006 came into force, shops and offices have been allowed to produce up to 200kg of hazardous waste per year before having to register with the EA as Hazardous Waste Producers. This limit is rising to 500kg from this April. This will only be a saving of £28.00 per annum but it is hopefully the beginning of further simplification and easing of the burden on small businesses.

Only in January WasteCare were successful in lobbying the Government to exclude mixed batteries from Hazardous Waste Consignment note fees. WasteCare is currently in discussions with the Government on a number of other streams that are recycled rather than landfilled.

To make sure you comply with the law but are not paying the earth, contact our EcoCare specialists on 0800 091 0000