Waste wood exports soar

Posted on 17th May, 2011

Latest figures released by the Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA) showed that waste wood exports increased by six times the 2009 figure during 2010.

WRA members exported 540,000 tonnes of waste wood in 2010 compared to 83,000 tonnes in 2009. 377,000 tonnes of this was sent to biomass plants on the continent, compared with only 71,000 tonnes the previous year. However, the WRA believes that this will soon change pending the commissioning of several large UK biomass plants.

The figures also show that the overall output of recycled wood to UK markets rose by a steady 6.6% across the whole industry.

WRA chairman Clem Spencer said: “The rapid growth in biomass grade is perhaps even greater than we had anticipated at this stage. The real surge lies ahead, as more large installations come on line. Until that happens, we are exporting to divert surpluses away from landfill. When the surge comes, the demand for recycled wood supplies will then be intense.”