WasteCare announces dynamic cost based pricing

Posted on 4th October, 2017

At WasteCare we aim to provide all our clients, regardless of size, the most market competitive prices at all times.

Whilst we continue to develop new processes and improve our operational efficiency, we have also recently developed a process that improves our ability to accurately cost over 4,000 different waste material streams on a continual basis. Taking account of the latest commodity prices and optimising treatment routes, benefits are passed on to clients.

Through rebates and subsidized treatment charges WasteCare ensures the value of recoverable commodities is returned to clients. In other words, we are aiming to provide accurate prices for every collection, taking account of material type, volume, recoverable content and chemical profile. With a gross margin never exceeding 15% we are confident, when it comes to recycling we will always offer best value.

From next month the price review will take place quarterly. This will not affect contracted prices or long-term agreements.

WEEE Impact

Already we can see the impact of dynamic pricing. In the first quarter of the trial WEEE provides a great example of how the model works. Due to the recent increase in demand for scrap metals and strengthening of key commodity prices we have immediately been able to pass on the benefit to our clients for many electrical and electronic waste streams.

The cost of processing Large Domestic Appliances has dropped by 75% to £1 per appliance whilst domestic fridge and freezer treatment costs have more than halved to £12.50 each.