WasteCare steps closer to zero carbon energy

Posted on 1st April, 2014

WasteCare is moving closer to its aim of being self-sufficient in renewable energy with the installation of solar voltaic cells at its recycling and reuse facilities in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

Following extensive research in to the best way to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel-derived electricity, WasteCare has begun installing the 350kW solar voltaic cells which will provide 90% of the electricity needs of the site with excess output sent to the grid.

EcoHouse is WasteCare’s flagship reuse centre in West Yorkshire. The 90,000sq metre site is perfectly located to benefit from solar generated energy.

Discussing the WasteCare’s renewable energy ambitions, Graham Kemp, Operations Manager, said “It was our ambition in 2010, when we bought the Normanton facility, to become self-sufficient in our energy needs. We are proud to be the first site in the Group to switch to renewable electricity. By the end of this year we also aim to have switched to renewable energy for both our fork-trucks and heating. At the same time we are reducing our energy consumption with the installation of induction lighting and heat recovery.”

Installed on the high bay unit some 30 metres above ground the panels will be out of sight, other than to passing planes and satellites, and as Graham pointed out “that bit closer to the Sun”.