Record Attendance, Waste Management Solutions, and the Silver Lady: Wastecare’s Roundup of this Year’s RWM Expo

Posted on 15th September, 2023

Wastecare at the RWM Expo 2023


The Wastecare team are back from a jam-packed two days at the Resource and Waste Management Expo at the NEC – and it did not disappoint! As one of the key sponsors of the event, with our logo gracing the entranceways and lanyards, and our famous Silver Lady Bus standing proudly on our stand – we were hard to miss.

There was a tangible buzz about this year’s event, with the exhibition taking on a new format under the ESS umbrella, hosting all the major players in recycling, waste management, contamination and flood management, energy and decarbonisation. This meant two days of non-stop delegate footfall and meetups with new and familiar faces across the sustainability sector – including an impromptu photoshoot with the Wombles to top it all off.

Aside from the reunions and the laughter, it didn’t go amiss the importance of these exhibitions and showcasing our commitment as a company to the sector. We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency within Wastecare, and spending time with those within the wider industry only motivates us further to provide both the commercial and industrial sectors with the highest standards of reuse, recovery and recycling – using sustainable practices every time.


Valuable catchups

The Wastecare team were thrilled to be inundated with visits from our respected and long-standing peers within the industry, as we know the value of face-to-face catchups with those we work with daily to strengthen our relationships. Not only was it a great opportunity to reconnect, but there were a multitude of new faces stopping by keen to gain some insight on the spectrum of waste streams and recycling solutions we have on offer and what it’s like to work with Wastecare.

“Wastecare is aways extremely proud to participate in the RWM as it provides a collaborative platform for the waste management industry to come together and exchange ideas. We firmly believe that by engaging with both current and potential customers, we can gain deeper insights into their specific requirements and develop tailored solutions that address their environmental goals, cost efficiencies, and operational effectiveness” commented Wastecare’s Sales Director Matt Stoneman on the exhibition.

Mr Stoneman went on to discuss the value of exhibiting at the show: “As a result of the RWM we have established numerous promising business connections and leads indicating keen interest in our comprehensive waste management solutions. We remain committed to collaborating with industry stakeholders, supporting sustainable practices, and delivering cutting-edge waste management solutions to our existing and potential customers. By actively engaging with customers through events such as these, the company continues to solidify its position within the ecosystem as a trusted partner for innovative waste management strategies across the UK.”


Battery fires and packaging EPR

Battery fires and disposable vapes were unsurprisingly a common topic of conversation, with growing concerns from local authorities on how to handle the significant increase in landfill fires. As one of the leading battery collection providers across the country, with extended vape collection solutions also on the horizon, discussing viable solutions to these issues was commonplace over the two days.

Our producer compliance team also met with current and prospective scheme members, to discuss the series of upcoming regulation changes for battery and packaging, as well as the DRS. Catchups also covered the packaging EPR – a well-documented regulation in the UK media currently, with reporting deadlines delayed until May next year – with the team providing advice and guidance to peers on how they can support them with this change.


Our key takeaways

So after another successful year at the exhibition, we are yet again reminded of the importance of collaboration within the waste and recycling sector. Transparent and honest conversations about the waste management industry’s challenges are what we pride ourselves on here at Wastecare, and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing with delegates how we’re innovating our approaches to ensure simple and cost-effective solutions remain at the forefront of our service.

If you met with us at RWM, we thank you for dropping by and look forward to catching up soon. If you couldn’t make it to this years exhibition, Peter and the team would welcome you to get in touch.

Until next year, the Wastecare team and the Silver Lady – over and out!