WEEE compliance consultation update

Posted on 9th September, 2013

The WEEE consultation process is fast approaching a conclusion. BIS have confirmed that there were over 250 responses to the consultation and have been able to advise preliminary findings of the consultation. The initial results from the consultation state that there is a requirement for change against the current system.

To recap the industry was presented with 4 options:

  • Option 1: No change and continue with the current system
  • Option 2: Introduce a ‘National Producer Compliance Scheme’, instead of competition between current compliance schemes
  • Option 3: Setting targets for compliance schemes along with a ‘compliance fee’ if these are not met, instead of the trading of WEEE evidence data between collection schemes
  • Option 4: Matching collection sites to compliance schemes

BIS have analysed the responses and have stated that they believe there is strong support for option’s 3 and 4.

Formal confirmation of the consultation results will be presented by the end of September where upon the industry will have 1 month to provide a response. BIS confirm that they are looking to have the new system in place for January 2014.