The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 came into force in January 2014. If you Place EEE onto the UK market per annum as a producer you must register with a Producer compliance scheme (PCS) to meet your obligation. The WEEE Regulations are intended to transfer the responsibility (and the cost) of dealing with electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) at the end of its life, from the user to the producer. For WEEE, producers have to register with a scheme by 15th November for the year ahead.

You are a producer if you:

  • Manufacture EEE and place it on the UK market
  • Import EEE from outside the UK and place it on the UK market
  • Rebrand EEE manufactured by someone else and place it on the UK market

As a producer, there are several requirements you have to meet:

  • You must join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS)
  • You must supply information on your EEE data to the PCS.
  • B2C members are required to report their EEE data quarterly whereby B2B members are required to report EEE data annually.
  • You must fund (via the PCS) the collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE
  • You must mark your products with a crossed out wheelie bin and a date mark (line under crossed out wheelie bin can act as a date mark)
  • You must keep records of the EEE you have put on the market
  • You must provide information about your products to recyclers to enable safe and effective treatment at the end of its life.

As a producer, once you have joined WeeeCare, your details will be registered with the Environment Agency who provide a Producer Registration Number. The EA keep a public register showing a record of all registered producers.