WEEE2 Seminars

Posted on 6th March, 2013

“The ‘New’ Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations are to come into force in 2014. The impact of WEEE2 is expected to be as big as when the Regulations were first introduced back in 2007.

In order to keep members fully up to date with news and developments on WEEE2, WeeeCare will be running seminars in the next few months. All members and other key stakeholders will receive an invite once the Defra consultation paper is published. Currently this is expected in March. WeeeCare is hoping everyone will have the chance to attend at least one of the seminars. We appreciate the biggest fears members may have is the financial and administrative burden that WEEE2 will have on them as producers. WeeeCare is confident that being part of The WasteCare Group, which has over 30 years experience in the recycling industry, will prove invaluable in ensuring the cost of compliance will be kept to the minimum, no matter what surprises WEEE2 may bring.