WeeeCare takes axe to WEEE compliance costs

Posted on 1st May, 2008

WeeeCare has become the most popular of all the UK producer WEEE compliance schemes – with more than 950 members – by not only offering guaranteed costs going forward, but also by charging prices that are only a fraction of those of other schemes.

Now WeeeCare has announced further cost reductions for all B2B members.

As Simon Perfect, Commercial Director, explains:

” the 2008 compliance costs were calculated last September based on assumptions on WEEE arising. However, the level of obligated waste generated by end users has been lower than the EA originally predicted. Based on current data, our liabilities for underwriting certain categories of B2B WEEE will be substantially below expectations. “We are, therefore, passing on the benefit to our members by extending the period of cover by four months to 30 April 2009 (which equates to a retrospective saving on our previously published prices of 33.3%).”

In addition, WeeeCare is further reducing the underwritten fees for the most affected categories as follows: Category 6 electrical tools reduces by a total of 64.2 per cent.

  • Category 8 medical equipment reduces by a total of 43.5 per cent.
  • Category 13 gas discharge lamps reduces by a total of 73.4 per cent. For example, the new reduced cost for B2B fluorescent tubes equates to less than 0.5p per lamp compared with up to15p per lamp currently being charged by Recolight – ie, a saving of more than 96%.

Simon adds:

“Although we expect WEEE volumes to increase as the year progresses, we will monitor developments carefully to ensure all our members pay no more than the absolute minimum. Increased popularity and demand for our scheme can only help to keep costs down for the future. “

Costs will be reviewed quarterly to ensure WeeeCare members’ interests are best served. For further details on our underwritten (fixed cost) scheme, please contact admin@weeecare.com.