WeeeCare throw down the gauntlet

Posted on 23rd July, 2008

WeeeCare has already established itself as the UK’s most popular Weee Compliance scheme having signed up nearly a third of weee producers in the first year. Combining simplicity with both guaranteed and fixed low compliance costs has proved a winning combination.

“Having a successful and established weee collection and recycling business gave us a huge advantage at the outset” explains Simon Perfect, Commercial Director of WeeeCare Plc. ” not only did we have a low cost base but we could predict accurately the costs going forward. Our only mistake was accepting the EA figures for waste recovered.”

Following revelations that initial figures were overstated, WeeeCare retrospectively reduced their underwritten evidence costs by over a third. WeeeCare have now relied on their own assessment for 2009 and this week have announced their new membership and evidence costs. “We are delighted we have been able to reduce the underwritten fees on all B2B as well as the majority of B2C categories for 2009” said Perfect.

With compliance costs as low as £1.25 a tonne, WeeeCare clearly mean business. For producers wishing to switch to WeeeCare for 2009, they need only to pay the £220 (<£1 million TO) or £445 (>£1 million TO) EA fee before the 15 October. However, some producers were caught out last year in not reading the small print of their exisiting contract and did not give notice in time, being trapped with high costs for another year. Some schemes require at least 3 months notice to quit.

To check whether you are getting the best deal WeeeCare have kindly published their evidence charges for both 2008 and 2009. To find out more visit www.weeecare.com