WeeeCollect for Businesses – free WEEE collection

Posted on 12th January, 2008

WeeeCare has teamed up with City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to launch a specially-designed B2B collection service for businesses in the district.

Called WeeeCollect, the service will be rolled out to other local authorities later in the year. Fred Twiddy, Bradford’s Waste Services Manager, explains that businesses will not just be recycling their WEEE, they will also be improving national recycling rates and helping to reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous waste sent to landfill.

Peter Hunt, Chief Executive of WasteCare, WeeeCare’s parent company, said:

“Businesses can call us and we will collect any volume and type of WEEE. Obligated waste will be collected free, while there will be a small fixed fee for non-obligated waste. The waste will then be treated and recycled free.”

Obligated WEEE is defined in the WEEE Regulations as discarded electrical and electronic equipment which was first put on the market after 13 August 2005 or is being replaced with a new item. To arrange a collection, businesses need to telephone 0844 800 2004.