Windles win Gold

Posted on 11th October, 2013

The WasteCare sponsored Zero Waste Awards were introduced 2 years ago by LetsRecycle and address the growing demand for the environmental industry to reduce landfill and maximise the waste hierarchy.

Windles, based in Buckinghamshire, is a versatile and focused manufacturer in the creative printed products sector of the graphics industry. The company has a strong environmental stance with regards to the handling and treatment of their waste.

At the most recent of the quarterly judging days, Windles achieved a Gold Zero Waste Award for their drive to reduce landfill. The award was realised partly through the joint efforts of Windles and WasteCare to improve the efficiency of hazardous print waste collections and recycling as well as the use of WasteCare’s unique container wash process which allows plastic drums to be reused saving on both price and resources. The award submission was also enhanced by Windles new initiative to stream their liquid press wastes and investment in technology to “chip” used wooden pallets to provide heating inside the factory during the winter months.